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Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jan 9 14:36:05 2003

Hi Aq,

This all sounds great. A few notes:

 - The main concern I have is that the new mailing
list will not mess over anyone subscribed to the
current list. I know we can move them all over, but we
need tro ensure that the backward compatability works.

 - I think the forum -> list hacking needs to happen.
Not only would it be immensely cool, but it would make
us much more accessible.

I am interested in getting involved, and I will take a
look at the PHP, but I think it will need more than
just me to work on it. Volunteers?


--- Aquarius <aquarius-lists@kryogenix.org> wrote:
> Last night at the meeting we talked about the web
> forums amd moving the
> mailing list to a mail server under our control (the
> wolveslug.org.uk
> server, specifically). I propose the following:
> 1. We set up a mailing list server on
> wolveslug.org.uk. I'm not sure at this
> point which one we should be using; front-runners
> are mailman and smartlist,
> but I'm open to suggestions.
> 2. We have a "main" mailing list, called
> general@wolveslug.org.uk. This 
> will be the current mailing list, and we move
> everyone over to it. We 
> change all references to the mailing list on the
> website to reference 
> this new address.
> 3. We subscribe the general@wolveslug.org.uk address
> to the
> wolves@mailman.lug.org.uk list (so that mail to the
> old list appears on the
> new one).
> 4. We put an archive of this list on the website.
> (Note that the archiving
> will support not archiving posts with an
> "X-No-Archive: yes" header, for
> certain paranoid people among us :))
> 5. We set up a new list, called forums@wolveslug.org
> uk.
> 6. We hack the PHPNuke code so that all posts to the
> web forums also go to
> the forums@wolveslug.org.uk list. A given web forum
> post should have a
> uniquely generated Message-Id, and should have the
> computed Message-Ids for
> the previous posts in that forum thread in its
> References header in the
> email. This way, someone reading the forums as a
> mailing list will get
> proper threading.
> 7. We create a script that knows how to post to the
> web forums, and
> subscribe the script to the mailing list (so that
> people can reply on the
> mailing list and that reply appears on the web
> forum).
> People who want to know about the web forum stuff
> but don't want to keep
> checking the web can then just subscribe to the
> forums@wolveslug mailing
> list and read (and reply) there, just as they do
> with the current list.
> Everyone's a winner. Does this seem like a good
> approach? Tasks 1-5 aer
> system admin tasks on wolveslug.org.uk, which me or
> Jono will do; tasks 6
> and 7 are ideal for anyone who's interested in
> coding, particularly web
> coding. 6 will require PHP skill and PHPNuke skill,
> or ebing prepared to
> pick those up. 7 can be done in any language you
> like, because it's a script
> which only has to accept a mail on stdin and post
> that mail's text (with
> appropriate headers) to the web forum.
> Aq.
> -- 
> from string import *;import
> re,base64;w=base64.decodestring('YXF1YXJp'+
> re.sub(u,'-',w)
> while filter(lambda x: x in u,w):
> s=raw_input('Letter:');u=filter\
> (lambda x: x != s,u);print re.sub(u,'-',w)
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