[Wolves] Why do you hate/dislike Micro$oft?

Dan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jan 10 12:49:01 2003

Simon Howes wrote:
> Ok, I'm sure some of you guys/gals read my post months ago about why I
> hate M$ and how they want to sue everyone in Element14 for all they are
> worth.
> Why do you hate/dislike M$?
> Don't just say 'oh their OSes are buggy' or 'they have a lot of money'.
> Let out all your anger by posting here!!!

Oooo - a chance to rant.  :)

Reasons to hate Microshite:

1)  Standards.  No single other company has done so much to undermine 
the adoption of standard practice, and I'm speaking mainly but not 
exclusively of the Internet here, than Microsoft.  Not only does their 
browser *still* not even fully support CSS1, let alone CSS2 (even in 
so-called 'standards-compliance' mode - for instance 
http://www.fo3nix.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/tutorials/css/hacks/ ), they've 
even persisted with the Java perversion which they'd already been warned 
about, to the extent they have had yet another judgement against them 

2)  Security Security Security.  Did I mention security?  'Press escape 
at login to be root'.  :)

3)  Numptiness.  OK so it's good that everyone has a PC on their desktop 
but is it *really* so cool to have an eternal September?

4)  That sodding paperclip.

5)  Those sodding licence agreements, which just got a whole lot sodding 
worse.  Then there's the support contracts 'if you, or anyone you know, 
or their families, or the friends of any of their families, has ever 
touched a CD with the words 'Open Source' printed on it, this support 
contract is null and void and Microsoft(tm) will send The Boys Round(tm) 
to smash your face in.  Or at least, send you out of business.'

6)  The very need for things like Ad-Aware.

I'm sure there are loads more that I hate those bastards for that I 
haven't thought of here.

I'm off now to try and think of Happy Thoughts.  :)