[Wolves] Why do you hate/dislike Micro$oft?

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jan 10 18:51:00 2003

steve parkes spoo'd forth:
>>Human-face-like interfaces can be great, if they're done well. The key 
>>here is unobtrusiveness; the perfect UI would work exactly as the user
>>expects it to. If you ask them, "how would you perform task X on a
>>computer?", that should be the way the UI does it.
> The long term humanisation of the interface will surely be /a good thing/tm, 
> agreed, but in the short term the inconsistancies of an interface like the 
> paper clip by far outweigh the benefits to the majority of ppl.

Agreed. On the one hand, a poor implementation of an ideal can be worse than
no implementation at all. On the other hand, however, without poor
implementations there can be no good implementations and no progress.
Netscape 1 wasn't much cop. Neither was Linux 0.12. The "early adopter"
penalty applies to everything.

>>This is perhaps not an achieveable goal.
> What, once I have finished openTeat I was gonna start work on the metaverse.
> sparkes - off home to dig out Snow Crash to get the latest info on UI design 

Sarcastic b'stard ;)


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