[linux] [Wolves] Mounting var directory

Ron Wellsted wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jan 10 21:19:01 2003

On Friday 10 Jan 2003 3:39 pm, Wayne Morris wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 14:25, Wayne Morris wrote:
> > > Any clues?
> >
> > Don't Panic!
> > When I thought I'd plugged the drive in, I actually plugged in a cd rom!
> Panic On again!
> New drive on own - works fine
> New drive plus drive I'm trying to get data from:
> Boots so far, until get error message something like:
> mount error label=/  duplicate
> Would I be right in thinking its seeing the / partition on the second
> drive labelled as well as n the boot drive and is confused?
> How can I get round this?

DDD    OOO  N   N TTTTT       PPPP    A   N   N  III   CCC
D  D  O   O NN  N   T         P   P  A A  NN  N   I   C   C
D   D O   O NN  N   T         P   P A   A NN  N   I   C    
D   D O   O N N N   T         PPPP  AAAAA N N N   I   C    
D   D O   O N  NN   T         P     A   A N  NN   I   C    
D  D  O   O N  NN   T         P     A   A N  NN   I   C   C
DDD    OOO  N   N   T         P     A   A N   N  III   CCC

(View in fixed width font for large, friendly letters, (GD&R))

1. Shutdown.
2. Disconnect hdc from system
3. boot RH8.0
4. "cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.org"
5. edit /etc/fstab to use partitions instead of labels.
    e.g. change "LABEL=/" to "/dev/hdaX" where X is the partition returned for
    "/" by the mount command
6. Shutdown
7. Reconnect hdc to the system
8. boot RH8.0 again

and voila, you should now be able to access the hdc partitions to copy the 
required files.

Once this is done, either repartition to use as an extra disk or remove from 
system then "cp /etc/fstab.org /etc/fstab" to get back to the original 
starting point.  The advantage of using labels in /etc/fstab is that it is 
easy to change disk assignments, you have discovered the downside.

Ron Wellsted