[linux] Re: [Wolves] Paintball

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jan 17 15:25:01 2003

Chris Procter spoo'd forth:
>> BTW jonos lugmaster post was cross posted to the SB
>> lug and they have zero 
>> interest in the idea
> The SBLUG mailing list has been dead since before christmas, or have I been
> unsubscribed for not going to their christmas party??

They had a Christmas party? We didn't have a Christmas party! Why didn't we
have a Christmas party?


>> Heard a lot about eggnog, but I have never experienced it
>>first-hand. What is this thing made off?
> Isn't it obvious? Eggs and nog, of course.
Don't pay any attention to him, Sid. It's eggs, *sugar*, and nog.
           -- Jason <jbeasley@primary.net> on rec.humor.oracle.d