[linux] Re: [Wolves] Paintball

leo sandhu wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Jan 18 02:17:00 2003

sounds to me like we need a more serious challenge than the brum bunch.  
perhaps with enough suckers we could simply divide our own numbers into more 
than one team and just fight to the end.....

my money says Debian Dynamite will apt-spread multiple paintcans over 
Redmond Redhats.

Vive le deb


>On Friday 17 Jan 2003 3:23 pm, Aquarius wrote:
> > Chris Procter spoo'd forth:
> > >> BTW jonos lugmaster post was cross posted to the SB
> > >> lug and they have zero
> > >> interest in the idea
> > >
> > > The SBLUG mailing list has been dead since before christmas, or have I
> > > been unsubscribed for not going to their christmas party??

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