[Wolves] Webserver samba configuration

Wayne Morris wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Jan 20 19:37:01 2003

Hi All,

When I used to run as root I didn't have a problem with this but I'm not
sure how to proceed running as a user.

Webserver box (7.2 RH), want to Samba share entire directory so I can
alter it from my laptop.

If I run my laptop as root, I can smbmount the web directory and have
full access to it. (Logging on using webserver password).

If I then log off laptop and log on as user I can view files but not
change or upload.

If I just try to smbmount whilst as user, I get 
"smbmnt must be installed suid root for direct user mounts (500,500)
smbmnt failed: 1"

So where do I go from here?

As far as permissions are concerned, the files in /html should all
belong to apache? so how can they also belong to the user?
Or does chmod 777 them all allow access to both apache and samba user?


Wayne Morris <wayne@machx.co.uk>