[Wolves] business poster thingy

Steve wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jan 21 15:41:01 2003

hi ho! 

I've done a 'aimed at business' style poster for the WLUG , its online at http://www.a2rt.org/posters/business.pdf (131k) Its a start, so any feedback would be 
good :-)

I going to do some more aimed at different sorts, so people can help me out by googling their way to the location of the following:

1) Image of Cheesy couple looking incredibly happy and cheesy with their amazing and cheezy new expensive computer so they can type cheezy word documents

2) Image of incredibly mad/odd / wierd/ridiculous thing that is done with low tech machines and linux. I'm thinking along the lines of the potato powered 
server...anything that will appeal to u geeks and arty sorts :-)

3)images of big pile of trash technology, in skips or in big pile whatever

4) Anything else


ps mr sparkes how u book/brochure parody coming along?