[Wolves] business poster thingy

s parkes wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jan 21 16:20:01 2003

>From: Steve <info@a2rt.org>
> >Other than that, I think it's cool -- should we have the wolfhead logo
> >on it?
>ok.ok.ok. I put it with the text at the bottom. Who did that btw and with 

I did it many moons ago, it started life as a windows metafile and I 
modified it to give it the full on wolfy look.

I lost the real file (vector version) many moons ago but if I can find the 
file I started with again (it's on a cd somewhere) I will recreate it and 
send it over to you.  Gimp or Postscript?

I will upload a PS version to the website as a download as well


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