[Wolves] hmm.. wolverhampton pubs

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jan 22 00:59:01 2003

Knowing most of Wolves city centre pubs as I do (I
worked in one for 7 years and continue to be drunk in
them), of the ones mentioned I think the Gifford and
Hogshead are the best candidates. Wouldn't fancy being
downstairs in the Gifford, didn't have the best rep,
but I don't know what it's like now, but upstairs
would be good.

The Hogshead is a nice pub and I wouldn't feel half as
intimidated getting laptop out in there as opposed to
the others. I would go for one of those, upstairs in
the Gifford sneaks it depending on price, but the
Hogshead is a really nice chilled pub with few if any
yobs, never seen one personally even at the weekend.

The Goose is cheap but getting a little Moon-like, the
Litten Tree is not such a chilled place, the Tap House
is not ideal either. I used to know a suitable pub
with an upstairs room and cheapish beer round the
corner from the Moon but it got taken over, beer
prices up and upstairs room turned into a store

Heh. The Newhampton would be great as I live about 100
metres away and it *is* an award winningly great pub,
but yes it is too far from town and it does get a bit
full sometimes even midweek.

Upstairs at the Gifford shades it or the Hogshead for




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