[Wolves] hmm.. wolverhampton pubs

leo sandhu wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jan 22 04:51:01 2003


I've read all the mails about a suitable meeting place and can't help but 
think most of the town centre pubs don't come with a meeting room.

the only one i know of with a quiet area suitable for the old "lecture"   
style meetings would be the giffard.   It seems they are under new and thus 
far un-tested management and by all accounts the beer stinks.....

In fairness, i think a big problems existed with the clarendons out of 
centre geography, there were no bus stops locally and traffic levels were 

The goose and litten tree (opp giffard by beatties) are both very noisy and 

The Hog has nice beer, second only to the Newhampton for quality in my 
opinion.   There is no-where we could really have a comfortable play with 
laptops in the Hog unless we commandeer the pool table tucked in a discreet 
corner.   given the general bloodlust element currently alive (SPLAT!) this 
may prove worthwhile!

I understand several members of the LUG (including yours truly) live on the 
west side of wolverhampton.   others seem to catch either the 125/6 or 256 
buses into wolverhampton.

the newhampton (west side) has GOOD beer, aprox 7 rooms (hire-able) and is 
only 2 minutes from 2  different bus routes.  the locals are friendly and 
usually includes (IT) students, councillors, MEPs, MPs and more importantly 
CAMRA members!!!!

Anyone who catches a 256 in the evening can get off by the Art gallery wait 
for the 501 opposite (due 00, 20, 40 min past evening hour) and be in the 
NewH within 8-10 minutes.   125/6 travelers - same as above but best at bus 
station stand J...  Car Parking is also locally available (think).

hope this is of use everyone.

PS - guess my vote on this one.....


hmm.... since there seems to be so much discussion about pubs in
wolverhampton, and the fact that the moon does tend to attract the worst of
wolverhamptons yobs, there are a few others we could go to

The Goose In The City - Opposite the art gallery
The Hogshead - Cheap : )
The Taphouse - small but cheap (by the civic square)

and isn't there a litten tree on victoria street?

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