[Wolves] deathmatch doom

fizzy wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jan 22 22:15:16 2003

Ok, i'm going to stick my neck out and say that it
doesn't sound that hard to sort out deathmatch doom
over linux.

Everyone who wants to play downloads the source from:


(lxdoom has been merged into this project)

and also a pre agreed wad - say the doom1 doom.wad
from doomworld.com or somewhere.

Compile and install (rpms and debian packages are
available, it's even in the freebsd ports list :) )

Someone then starts the server specifying how many
players and what wad.

Everyone else fires up prboom specifying the server ip
and port and ba boom, off we go!

We can either play it as a co-operative (boring!) or
deathmatch, again a simple command line parameter will
sort this out.

As far as i can tell you can have pretty much as many
players as you want, but you can't leave spaces, the
game only starts when the specified number of players
have joined the game.

Not sure on the port, you may have to open 1 high port
(50XX i think...) to get it to work, or maybe not, it
shouldn't be too much of a risk, karma points to those
who get it working in a chroot ;)

There is a winsh*t version for anyone that wants to
wimp out and play via that :)

Now we just need to agree on a time and date, i need
to get my network working and retrive eleet, and i
need to work out how i can skin my player to look cool


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