[Wolves] Online gaming

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jan 24 10:09:01 2003

Peter Oliver spoo'd forth:
> Right, first things first we need somewhere to co-ordinate what's being 
> played and where.  I suggest "irc://irc.eu.freenode.net/wolveslug".

Problem with IRC is that we're not all around at the same time; if we
were then we wouldn't need coordinating :P
> Next, games.  IIRC, Aq's criteria were that the games had to:
> 1) run on linux
> 2) be free
> 3) not need accelerated 3D
> 4) not be terminal based
> 5) be fun
> Personally, I willing to bend a few of these if we've got enough players.

Really? I'd have thought that (1) was important on principle, (2) was
important because it'll look very bad if we're all running ripped
copies of Unreal Tournament, and (5) is important because that's the
point of doing it :) I suppose (3) and (4) are compromisable if the
games are fun, I'll just cry if you ignore (3) ;-)
> Armagetron:             http://armagetron.sourceforge.net/

This one has a different screenshot for software Mesa, which looks like
it tries to be clever about how good your 3d rendering is (which would
be pretty neat).

> BZFlag:                 http://www.bzflag.org/

Graphics look better than I thought they were :)

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