[Wolves] Online gaming

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jan 24 20:50:01 2003

Peter Oliver spoo'd forth:
> On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Aquarius wrote:
>> Peter Oliver spoo'd forth:
>> > Right, first things first we need somewhere to co-ordinate what's being 
>> > played and where.  I suggest "irc://irc.eu.freenode.net/wolveslug".
>> Problem with IRC is that we're not all around at the same time; if we
>> were then we wouldn't need coordinating :P
> Yes we would.  I'm suggesting me meet up on IRC at the time apointed on
> this list to make final organisations.  If you've ever tried to play an
> online game with your friends you'll know it's harder to get everyone
> installed, working and connected to the same server than you'd expect.

Ah, right, sorry, I understand now. I thought you meant meet up to plan
a time, not meet up *at* the time.
>> > Next, games.  IIRC, Aq's criteria were that the games had to:
>> > 2) be free
>> (2) was
>> important because it'll look very bad if we're all running ripped
>> copies of Unreal Tournament,
> You're overlooking the possibility that we might already have legal copies
> of some games.  Further, and I'm not advocating spending any money here,
> but if people really wanted to they could pick up budget copies of older
> games for less than a tenner.

Oh, I agree. Replace my above statement with "some of us are running
ripped copies", then, perhaps :)


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