[Wolves] USB flash disk with linux.

Steve wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jan 29 12:06:02 2003

28/01/2003 12:24:22, "MarkEllse@btinternet.com" <markellse@btinternet.com> wrote:

>With SUSE 8.1 it is recognised when I turn the machine off and then back on
>again. Is there any way to make the machine recognise it without having to
>go through that (preferably from the KDE desktop?)

How is it mounted? does dmesg give a clue? It's probably mounted as a scsi device , something 
like /dev/sda , so once you've got that , you could put something in the 'fstab' file so you 
don't have to mount and umount it all the time (something along the lines of /dev/sda 
/mountpoint ext2 defaults 1 2 ) and then you could make a link from the desktop to the directory 
where its mounted.