[Wolves] my gas man is converting to Linux!!!

Jayne Heger wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jan 29 17:15:01 2003


Long story.........
We had to have the gas man over on Monday as we had a suspected gas leak 
(previously Transco has been and cut the gas off) so when he came down he 
said boiler was too dangerous, and we;ve got to get a new one.... anyway, 
whilst he was there he was talking about his database blah, blah, blah... and 
suddenly he said 'oh do you use Linux' (he had seen all the Linux books and 
software about and I spent the next half hour or may have been longer 
actually showing him Linux and KDE on my laptop and he was impressed, 
especially so when I told him OpenOffice can read MSoffice files AND save to 
them, and also told him his database coulkd probably more than likely be 
converted to either MySQL or Oracle for Linux.. And he loved the extra 
desktops you can have.
So not only am I gonna have a look at his database, I am more than likely 
going to put Linux on for him, as a dual boot at first though I think, ease 
him in gently
I was mega impressed when he had heard about Linux though!

Oh as an aside, the council (think it was them anyway, council tax) wrote to 
my boyfriend a while back and attached a .doc file, anyway, my boyfriend 
wrote back complaining and wrote a lengthly email stating why they shouldn;t 
use .doc files... tell you what I'll get the email off him and show you.
It worked, and they wrote back saying they would now be saving in .rtf