[Wolves] USB flash disk with linux.

Matt Wright wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jan 29 17:56:09 2003


If the disk(s) you have are compatible with the USB Mass Storage 
specifications (I've found quite a lot are, if its USBMS then they tend 
to work without special drivers in anything > W98, but not including).

With USB Mass Storage in Linux you need a kerenel with:
	a) USB Support (he, well duh!!)
	b) The Mass Stoarge device option in the USB section.

You should find both these are compiled in (or as modules) if you have a 
stock distro kernel.

Once these things are recoginsed they are emulated to SCSI devices, the 
same way (almost) that you emulate IDE writers to SCSI ones to be able 
to use them. With USBMS it doesn't go down as /dev/scd? its /dev/sd?? 
(SCSI disk ?), if its the only "SCSI disk" on your system then its most 
likely to be /dev/sda? and then add the required partition number (so 
all in all they are usually on /dev/sda1)

Hope this helps,


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