[Wolves] which OS are you?

Chris Procter wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jan 31 15:07:01 2003

Windows 95:-
You look better than your older brother but your communication skills are
still lacking. You start well but often zone out.

I am actually pretty insulted, but it could be worse, I could have got
Windows 1.0 ("You're a worthless piece of crap that should never have been

It does explain why I can get 2 weeks uptime from a loaded windows95 box,
but seem to be able to crash MacOSX at will ;)


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 --- Chris Procter <Chris@foxonline.co.uk> wrote:

> I got windows 95 :(
> Excuse me while I go and crash in the corner....
> chris

Thats f***ing rough man! You must feel genuinely
insulted! Sorry, kidding ;)

I'm Slackware.

I am the brightest amongst my peers but often mistaken
as insane. My elegent solutions to problems take a
little longer, but require much less effort to

This is actually quite true amongst my group of
friends, I see the logical path and they all think I'm
nuts until I explain my logic, then they all go,
"Ohhh, yeah, I s'pose so."

I'll settle with that :)




Use Linux. Because it's better.

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