[Wolves] Knoppix and LNX-BBC

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 1 19:24:01 2003

Quite simply cool as hell. LNX-BBC is cool for what it
is and thanks to Wayne for the business card CDs. I
can't believe you can squeeze X, a window manager,
apps and even a few games into 50MB.

Knoppix is another thing altogether. It's the coolest,
most comrehensive, attractive, least flaky *desktop*
distro I've ever used. Unbelievable. I wish some of
the big distros would take note (Red Hat and Mandrake
in particular). It's not even that slow, then again I
do have a high spec machine.

I will be recommending both to anyone who will listen.

Ad - I noted with humour that there is an 'Adamski' on
the Kernel mailing list.



Use Linux. Because it's better.

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