[Wolves] Change partition size

James Turner wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 1 22:54:01 2003

On Tuesday 01 Jul 2003 11:24 pm, xpmachine wrote:
> I need to make some room on a windows HD to give me some space for Linux
> till I get my laptop back on the road.
> Whats the best partition software to use?
> Anyone got?

I deduce from your user name/sending e-mail address that you are most likely 
using Windows XP and thus quite possibly NTFS. There are several 
possibilities (non-exhaustive list):

Apparently, the Mandrake 9.1 installation process includes a graphical tool 
for non-destructively shrinking NTFS partitions. You could use a Mandrake 
installation CD to resize the disc then either continue or abort and install 
your prefered distro.

Knoppix also includes the nessary NTFS tools, but without Mandrake's fancy 

The commercial application "Partition Magic" also allows FAT or NTFS 
partitions to be resized.

Finally, there's FIPS, a small utility that runs under DOS and allows you to 
shrink FAT (including FAT32) partitions after they have been defragmented.

As with all such tools, it would be a good idea to back up any data on the 
machine before trying to change any partitions.