[Wolves] Change partition size

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 2 14:40:00 2003

 --- Wayne Morris <wayne@machx.co.uk> wrote: 
> But I've only ever used Redhat, is Mandrake much
> different an experience -
> will I be able to leap into it or should I just try
> it when I have a few
> weeks spare?

Red Hat and Mandrake are not that dissimilar as
Mandrake is based on Red Hat. Mandrake is pretty good
if you need your hand held when using Linux. As a
desktop OS, I use Mandrake as a fallback when I have
problems with Debian as I used it for a few years
while I was learning what Linux is about. It could be
considered a 'newbie Linux' and aims to be Linux
without the hard work.

I choose Mandrake over Red Hat due to some of the
issues that have been raised with Red Hat like the
absence of MP3 software etc, thats a big part of what
I want from my desktop.

Conversely I would have to say that I find Red Hat
more solid on the desktop, whereas as I have posted in
the past, Mandrake as a desktop OS seems to have
little niggles and flaky elements such as recognising
my PCMCIA network card only if I leave it out at boot
time and then attatch, deattatch and reattatch over
and over again and some apps seem to not work (I
remember saying to Lee at the expo that thats the
first time I'd seen Noatun the KDE media player,
amongst others, not crash.) Just little things like
that, but loads of them, that wind you up. Thats why I
was so surprised when all of Knoppix 'just worked'.

Admittedly I could help them iron these things out but
I'm a hopeless programmer. Maybe I should be a beta

Try it when you have the time to spare. That said, the
partition software is the best I've come across on any
distro and I always keep a copy around for that




Use Linux. Because it's better.

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