[Wolves] What Distro

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jul 3 18:02:02 2003

 --- Jono Bacon <jonobacon@yahoo.com> wrote: > Hi
> >     I don't what to start any wars but I have a
> new
> > fast PC with two 120gig
> > drives. I what to use the box at work mainly as a
> > data storage box and sql
> > server maybe some simple expect scripts etc.
> > What distro would you all recommend I will need to
> > mirror the drives and
> > need a very easy system to install apps and
> updates.
> > The updates and apps
> > would all need to be http downloaded due the fact
> > that the only access to
> > the web is via a proxy.
> > I was thinking of debian as my small box at home
> has
> > run well for over two
> > years (yes fizzy it's kept uptodateish).
> Debian will do all of this. It is the best choice
> for
> updates and suchlike.

I'm no expert here but I think not having to worry
about updates or dependencies makes Debian an obvious,
no fuss workhorse. Beware the hardware support if your
hardware is really new. I find that you generally have
to wait a year for support for new hardware to filter




Use Linux. Because it's better.

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