[Wolves] cor! Knoppix is rather good isn't it?

Chris Owen wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Jul 7 13:28:00 2003

I'm rather hoping to have more luck with Knoppix than I have just had
trying to run Morphix (Linux Format cover disk) on my works laptop
(Compaq Pentium III).  Booted up fine, recognised hardware, got the GUI
up, but no interaction between it and either the mouse or keyboard, in
or out of the docking station.  As a newbie, that's me stuffed, which is
really rather disappointing - since it was the possibility of being able
to run a non-invasive Linux distro on my work machine (where for obvious
reasons, loading a proper partitioned distro would be severely frowned
upon, if not downright impossible) that had excited me about Morphix and
Knoppix (the latter I have on order from Cheeplinux).  I recall someone
else posting and saying they had similar problems with mouse
recognition?  Any solutions out there that I would understand?

Chris Owen
Senior Intelligence Analyst
West Midlands Regional Observatory
0121 202 3246

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Hi Steve,

Knoppix really does rock the bollocks, and I have only
ever heard great reviews of it. I am gonna download
the latest version - the last one I tried is a few
months back.

It is also cool to see that the project has sorted
themselves out with a decent site and things. It was
for a while a pretty crap webpage and looked rather


--- Steve Crozier <info@a2rt.org> wrote:
> i think ad recently sent a mail about how cool
> Knoppix is, and he's damn=20
> right. I eventually got round to giving it a go and
> I can't believe how fast=20
> it is, how good the hardware detection, and how well
> configured the default=20
> menu options are. The choice of software is huge and
> spot on, but due to the=20
> intelligent menu layout its not overkill. I
> particularly like how it has tiny=20
> browsers like dillo included, whilst also stuff like
> Sodipodi, a fairly=20
> cutting edge vector graphics app.
> Look forward to seeing what you've made rob :-)
> whilst we're on about live cds, anyone had a go on
> http://www.dynebolic.org/ ?=20
> It wouldn't work with my lappy due to some X issues,
> but i'd be interested in=20
> seeing how it works..
> ste
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