[Wolves] (no subject)

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 22 06:36:00 2003

bambam@pineapple.shacknet.nu spoo'd forth:
> Does anyone know anything about the Gmate "yopy" linux PD0s?
> The spec looks really good - 200 meg strong arm processor,
> IR, USB, serial, Compact flash II expansion, built in sound,
> full keyboard, touch screen, and a 2.3Ah battery.
> But build quality? Anyone know?
> I'm thinking of getting one :)

Since Sharp are no longer supporting the Zaurus (bastards!) I suppose
that makes sense. USB and serial ports is pretty neat, although not all
that useful. You want to check what its support is like for stuff like
wireless CF cards, too.

No idea about build quality. Has it got a built-in keyboard? :)


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