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Tue Jul 22 22:28:00 2003

Wolves LUG Meet - Wed 23 Jul 2003
Moon Under Water, Lichfield St, Wolves : 7.30pm

In the pub like normal - Simons place may not fit us all in.


1. Jono
2. Aq.
3. Simon G
4. bambam <- dup()'d into the list after close(rob);
5. Dan
6. fizz - finally passed my test so i'll be driving over :)
7. Ron

No Go's:

Late Go's:

1) rob ..... sorry)

PS - Could people add themselves to the list if they plan on
coming. It would be good for us to guage regular numbers for
meets at different venues. This includes you Peter Oliver...;)

Fizzy - "finally passed my test". What was that brute force
method? ;-P (bambam).