[Wolves] MPlayer

Lee Jordan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jul 25 21:01:02 2003

Been messing around with Mplayer finally ....... wow it's powerful

Check out the man page, it's amazing :)
I've used it to stream off audio comentary from my Futurama DVD's into mp3's 
to listen on my mp3 player and to rescale the BTTF DVD's back to full screen 
instead of widescreen.

Got a problem with GMplayer though so I use kMplayer, anyone know how to get 
the actual mplayer GUI (gmplayer) to work, I get an error with my skin dirs, 
even though the default skin is in the right place ... err 
~/.Mplayer/skins/default, even with mplayer --enable-gui

here's a link to the DVD to the mp3/ogg commands.


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