[Wolves] ircd (was: Wireless and Linux)

fizzy wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon May 5 23:01:02 2003

> I hate to be the voice of inertia again, but I don't
> see why we should.  
> What does it get us, other than maintainace work and
> another potential way
> to get owned?

Come on, you can't use the word 'why' on a linux
mailing list, why use linux, windows works ok.  Why
bother making a potato run a web server and a coat
play mp3s, because it's cool!

I wouldn't say that the IRCD would be a potential
major security risk; it runs on a post 1024 port and
could be easily chrooted.

It gives us our own server, something to do - a
challenge, the ability to look cool with o lines, and
more importantly, it doesn't have lilo!

I'm happy to flow with the majority and use freenode,
but personally I think it's a shit network run by a


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