[Wolves] Promoting Linux

Matthew Warwick wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue May 13 14:56:01 2003

>If you have put a new HDD in then you need to FDisk it, and format,
before you put 
>Windows on.  Installing any of the Linux distros I've tried, you have
an auto partition 
>option, which then formats them.  I found it especialy easy on Mandrake
and Red Hat 
>(Havn't tried Suse, so I can't comment directly, but I've heard that it
is just as easy), >even Debian was straight foward.

Not true at all, XP and 2000 boot right from the CD, and will do
partitioning and formatting for you through the installer. And you don't
need to bother fiddlign with things like mount points, which totally
threw me the first time I installed. At least the newer installers hide
that from most users, unless you actually want to specify them yourself.