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I bought one of EuuroPCs =A3269 machines, the service is decent enough =
but the
machine itself isn't great (my work bought a server from there and its =
so this is probably a case of getting what you pay for more then an
intrinsic europc problem).

It took about 10 days to arrive (they had to build it apparently) and =
seemed well but when I installed Slackware 9.0 I found the on-board =
card isn't supported by X and I couldn't get the on board sound to work =
Win2000 (although I had a spare card kicking aound so I installed that
rather then bother messing around to much).

I also know of somebody who had problems with the on-board modem (under
windows, my boss spent a day trying to fix it, in the end he resorted =
to a
pci card and that fixed the problems).

I haven't tried the on board networking yet but given the above I =
expect too much.=20

It makes a fine machine for messing around with windows 2000 doing my =
homework (its paid for by work, what can I say), but if you are looking =
a production machine for work or whatever I would look elsewhere.


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Thought the lug ppl may be interested in this :



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