[Wolves] Pie Factory trip

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Mon Nov 3 17:59:05 GMT 2003

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>Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 16:19:19 +0000
>>  2) You promise to spell 'centre' correctly, from now on.  ;)
>>Who cares, you know what he meant.
>It's a habbit of mine too ...... also color. AND then you type it correctly 
>and it makes you look stupid because your background td is now pink or 
>shocking green!
what's a habbit? I know what a rabbit is, a hobbit is, and a bobbit, aahhhhh 
habit ;-)

this pediantism is infectious, lol

I won't point out that using a td for redition effects is out of sync with 
everything sensible in this world, ohh I just did, never mind ;-)


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