[Wolves] Pie Factory trip

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Tue Nov 4 13:38:29 GMT 2003

david spoo'd forth:
> quite how cottaging came to mean what it now means, is puzzling
> unless it's a kind of Bunbrying (? a la importance of being earnest)

Bunburying, but yeah; I'm not convinced that cottaging is assumption of
an alternative identity (for those of you who are not Wilde fans,
Bunburying was a term coined by Algernon for setting yourself up a
separate persona who can act free of social conventions. Think Fight
Club, for those of you who have seen it; that's a pefect example.)
I suppose I can see the argument, since celebrities and MPs are not
supposed to be the sort who congregate in public toilets...

This is wildly[1], wildly off topic, even for us :)


[1] pun on Wilde not intended :)

Once saw someone misspell thesaurus as theosaurus, and someone asked if
a theosaurus was a giant omnipotent dinosaur.
           -- alt.fan.eddings

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