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Chris Owen Chris.Owen at wmro.org
Wed Nov 5 09:06:11 GMT 2003

Don't know about repairs and parts, but I could do worse than recommend
that anyone who wants a pre-installed Linux box contacts Digital
Networks in Manchester (www.dnuk.com) who built my home machine.  They
will even dual-boot for you if you wish...

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Subject: [Wolves] wishes

I want to open a computer shop in birmingham
and sell spare parts and reconditioned pc's as well as new stuff
and pre-installed linux boxes
and no windows cd's/machines in sight
and it will be called the Penguin Cafe
though there will be no orchestra
and no coffee (for sale)

just plenty of smiles and help
and a live connection to linuxquestions

anyone seen an old tatty oil lamp around?


(this is response to another friend being patronised and ripped off
by what i thought was a decent, local computer shop - a small shop, not
a big chain shop)

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