[Wolves] Back Up Utils

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Tue Nov 11 20:30:55 GMT 2003

Jono Bacon spoo'd forth:
> Heya,
>> I know. I have thought about this a bit, but I hate
>> people who get a
>> simple product and flog it for tons of money so much
>> that I don't think
>> that I could sell out enough to do it myself...
> You write it, I will sell it. :)

The hell with that :)

This duplicity thing rocks the world, though. This is clearly the way
we should implement our round-robin LUG backup strategy...


Once saw someone misspell thesaurus as theosaurus, and someone asked if
a theosaurus was a giant omnipotent dinosaur.
           -- alt.fan.eddings

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