[Wolves] NFS problems

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 17:37:11 GMT 2003

Ok I've solved it. While trying to export my various
bits of output to another machine so I could do stuff,
I was given the message that smbfs is not supported by
the kernel. Hmpf I thought so, set about compiling
myself the latest 2.4 series kernel with nfs and smb
support. After waiting about an hour for it to compile
on the P300 I was using and then fiddle further to
make lilo.conf match what I thought it should look
like (ie not like the one produced by kpkg), I
rebooted and bingo, I can mount smb shares and
surprise surprise, nfs now works properly.

Pah. Surprises me that the default Debian 2.2 series
kernel doesn't support nfs properly :/




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