[Wolves] Trip to SB LUG

Chris Procter Chris at foxonline.co.uk
Tue Nov 18 09:31:14 GMT 2003

I should be going, I passed my first microsoft certified proffesional exam
yesterday and so am unclean and have to go and be repurified by the true

I have no photos of me, I could always wear a red carnation in my
buttonhole, and respond to the secret passphrase "The penguins fly tonight"
with the response "the herring swims in the deep". But I wouldn't worry, you
are an internationally famous writer whos image is known (and no doubt, on
certain remote south sea islands, worshiped) by Linux fans everywhere. Or in
other words I'll recognise you.

chris  (MCP)

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From: Jono Bacon [mailto:jonobacon at yahoo.com]
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Heya folks,

Right, so Dan and Lee are coming with me, and we will
meet Adam there. Anyone else up for it?

Chris - I assume you are going - can you send us a pic
so we know what you look like when we get there. It
would not be nice if we were not to meet up due to the
fact that noone knows who the other people are.


Jono Bacon - http://www.jonobacon.org/
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