[Wolves] request: pci network card

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Wed Nov 26 11:05:31 GMT 2003

sparkes wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 09:58, Old Dan wrote:
>>sparkes wrote:
>>>anyone got a spare pci network card I can borrow for a couple of months?
>>>any that work in linux should work but it's going in the sparc so
>>>something as generic and non-pnp as possible.
>>I have an RTL8139B-chipset card you can have.  Looks like it was made by 
>>Genius - yes, it's a GF100TXRII.  I'm not sure whether it will work in a 
>>SPARC though as I have no experience of them.
> cheers Dan you're, correct english just for you ;-), a star.
Don't thank me, thank the morons I work for... :)

> I have just thought that it dosn't matter if it works in the sparc cos
> if it dosn't I can swap it with the intel card in the other box.
> can you bring it tonight?
No problemo.  BTW is getting a curry compulsory?  I'm starting to 
develop a gut again and I think I need to start eating a bit more 

> thanks again
> sparkes - who can't understand the total lack of a spare card in this
> house which is bursting at the seams with obsolete crap
Quite.  I have a cupboard full of obsolete mainboards, SCSI cards and 
God knows what else, but for some reason only one keyboard.

Maybe it's because keyboards are more difficult to smuggle out of work... :)


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