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Jono Bacon jonobacon at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 1 00:47:10 BST 2003


> yes but it does seem like the lecturer is mocking me
> when i said I can
> program C and he comes out with,
> "Today class, we're learning document.write, and not
> teaching you variables
> JUST YET because they're hard."

Remember that that is a reflection on the course -
everyone starts somewhere. JavaScript is pretty
flexible - I havent used it much, but I spent some
time getting a reading knowledge of it. :)

> heheh.. no reply about msn or irc?

We have an IRC channel on irc.eu.freenode.net
#wolveslug, but there is often no one there. Most
poeple prefer to use the mailing list as the primary
means of chatting.


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