[Wolves] Re:"computer recycling/linux propagating organisation"

Howard Berry h.berry at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Oct 10 17:41:27 BST 2003

This is all very interesting. Just the sort of grass-roots, democracy, 
self help system that the world needs.
I would like to help but I have very little time. What I can do is 
spread information. There must be dozens of small organizations who need 
equipment or who have systems they want to get rid of. Question is: can 
you cope?
As for Linux. I am determined to make it work on my system.
By work I mean allow me to access the internet and print things. There! 
it's not much to ask is it?
I have tried Mandrake 7 and 8 and 9. The last one was so sulky it 
wouldn't even let me use a mouse or a keyboard-  Now that's what I call 
So, I am now going to give Red Hat 9 a go (it's off the cover of Linux 
User). I have back-up all my precious things (But I always forget 
something!!). I am about to leave the "pod" and navigate to HAL's memory 
I may be some time! :-!


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