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david nux at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Oct 13 06:49:52 BST 2003

Jono Bacon wrote:

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>Standard Indian Restaurant, Cleveland St, Wolves
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In the meantime;
I rushed off and and downloaded and installed Cinelerra. A short while 
later I realised that the min tech spec for a pc running cinelerra was a 
little faster than "an old pc done up". So I then went out and got Kino. 
Only trouble is, as a part of all this I'm on the trail of installing 
transcode, which in turn is asking for a boat load of libavi files that 
I cannot find even a reference to on rpmfind or google. The idea I have 
is to take an old failed dvd rip (the entire film of the Queen of the 
Damned without audio) and run it through some software to chop it up and 
add audio. THus learning in the process. However, even though it's an 
avi and plays perfectly in kmplayer it will NOT load into kino or cinelerra.
Vertical learning curve time!!!

Any ideas or pointers would be appreciated.


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