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fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 27 22:49:00 GMT 2003

Wolves LUG Meet (Operation Peter Oliver)
Wed 29th Oct 2003 - 7.30pm
Standard Indian Restaurent, Cleveland St, Wolves


1. Jono
2. Ron (better be there I suppose if I am giving a
talk on firewalls/VPNs, now I must prepare it!)
3. Simon G
4. nux

No Go's:

Late Go's:
1. fizz


I'm in a play this week, which is very annoying as I
will miss Ron's talk :( I'll make my way there
sometime after ten and before eleven hopefully, it
normally goes on until one ish so it should be
worthwhile, someone text me if everyone goes home
early! If someone could record or make profuse notes
on Ron's talk I will give them beer :)


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