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sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Thu Apr 1 10:45:06 BST 2004

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Peter Cannon wrote:
> Hi Sparkes/All
> Sorry this is a long mail and taking up precious band width, but I have
> a lot to get off my chest.
accepted if you need to inline your comments with mine as per expected
standards on this list ;-)

> On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 17:18, sparkes wrote:
> > On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Peter Cannon wrote:
> > > Thanks Mum
> > <snip why="no new content">
> ?? You've lost me ?? what the hell does <snip why="no new content">
> mean??
You quoted a whole fucking message to say thanks mum.  What was the point
in that.  If the message had been as long as some on the list this week I
wouldn't be replying to this cos I would have kill filed you

We are talking about bogus content and you go and give us a perfect
example.  What was the point in quoting the whole of fizz's remarks just
to be fastious?

> > > peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
> > followed by pointless sig that doesn't use the accepted standard
> I take exception at your "pointless sig" comment at least my signature
> does not advertise, for "holidays", "consultancy services", "web
> development" so on and so on.
and that is just taking the piss.  It is a pointless sig if it adds no
content to the message and does not follow the accepted standard.

I sometimes post with a commercial message at the bottom of the message.
So fucking what, do we ban hotmail and yahoo users from the list cos of
commercial messages?  What about all the people who post from work?

I try to make my living out of free software and anyone who has a problem
with my sig can... well I can't think of an even vagely public term for
what these people can do but my anger on this issue is pretty clear.

My sigs work, see below

> Accepted standard? Accepted by who?
By the whole fucking internet community and the bbs community and the
usenet community.  If you have a sig do a -- and a space so it is
automatically stripping.  My pimps for my service are cut off
automagically by decent email clients so don't affect your enjoyment of
the message.  Yours are added as content to the message.  I see the same
few lines constantly and they get repeated in your self congraduatory
circle jerk of messages with other people.

> Oh your standard, sorry better
> watch what I say because you have the power to cut people off!
of course you fucking do that's what a kill file is.  google before you
look like a prick without asbestos y-fronts in the middle of a flame war.

> Isn't
> that the type of debating skill used by oppressive regimes throughout
> history?
prick without asbestos y-fronts alert ;-)  I am killing your messages on
my machine.  I don't believe in censorship, I am not limiting your use of
the list just my personal view of it.  You are adding nothing to my use of
the list just annoying me, therefore I exercise my rights to cut you
adrift.  One less person to help you when you need it.

>I have used this format for 10 years and your the first to
> complain, No not complain, Insult.

bollocks, I am insulting now because you refuse to learn.  I have been
using the style I use for the last 15+ years (and I am a lot younger than
you too if you want to insult my age like you sometime do but I am old
enough not to be interested in your teenage daughters) and it is an
accepted standard.  Stop being an arse and start respecting the rest of
the community before they extradise you.  I have been warning you about
your actions since day one and we (the inner circle) have been very
accepting of you indisgressions because we believe in education over blind
flaming.  Look back through the archives for examples

> >
> > first strike on the killfile counter
> >
> > sparkes
> This is the third or fourth time I have been drawn into some sort of
> playground brawl and its getting tedious,
well piss off and play in someone elses playground or learn from your
peers.  We have been accepting and I am getting short of patience.

> in my opinion its down to:
> 1. Trimming: some people do not see the full conversation and then get
> hold of the wrong end of the stick.
use the standards we adere to if you expect an answer because I for one am
going to start kill filing repeat offenders.  You don't have to get drawn
into these pointless arguement if you don't read anything I post.  I am
going to automatically do this to your posts after today so get used to

> 2. Us and them: Those who go to the bloody standard can say what they
> like those who don't get added to the  <snip-first strike on the
> killfile counter>.
It's fucking email account why should I have to read this shit.  Answer I
don't have too.  If you don't like what I write ignore it.  Belive me I
won't be offended ;-)  in fact it will introduce an element of surprise to
the list not seeing your circle jerk responces to every fucking message in
an effort to be a part of the community you are damaging by your actions.

> This argument was started by "old dan" telling me to snip with the, "or
> else" tactic "you'll get peoples backs up" you have started a new
> connected argument with "killfile".
fuck off if you don't like what happens on this list.  I am happy to
answer any newbie questions you have but don't want our community to
decend into yahoo groups teritory cos people can't be arsed with simple
netticate.  If you don't like what I say, killfile me I don't care.

It is people who don't respect the beliefs and conventions of the
community that undermine the things we are doing here.  We have
conventions respect them if you expect respect from the community.
Everyone is expected to make mistakes at first, this is totally normal.
But everyone else that has joined the list over the 4+ years it has
existed has listened to advice on how to act on this list.  They don't get
this type of shite once a fortnight.  You do because you fail to respect
the wishes of the rest of the community.  That is rude.

> Do you see how this stuff spirals out of control?
yup and it will continue to until I kill file you later today.  Right now
I am quite up for a flame war ;-)

> Regards
> Peter Cannon
> peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
> Only the dead have seen the end of the war
> -- Plato
and get the frigging sig sorted so it works like everyone elses.


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