[Wolves] REF Linuxuser & Developer expo 2004 (cheeky) ;-)

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 5 18:09:45 BST 2004

 --- Andy Hill <andyhilluk2004 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: >
> I cannot understand why you cannot read my posting. 
> Maybe you have a problem with your mail client. 
> Perhaps you need an upgrade?

I'm going to step in here before this ends in another
row on a recently settled topic...

Firstly, Andy welcome to the LUG, I hope you are here
for some time to come. That goes to all of the people
who have joined recently.

To the crux of the matter. I'm not sure why David was
so caustic with you over a casual joke, but his other
point sticks.

There has been some heavy debate on this list recently
over posting styles from newcomers and the fact is,
the people complaining are following the long-standing
conventions used in these kind of groups since the
year dot.

David's problem with your mail is that it is html
formatted which makes it difficult to read in text
mode mail clients which A LOT of people use here. Not
to mention the fact that html mail is popularly
considered to be the spawn of Satan. The chances are
that people will not read your mail if you insist on
sticking to html formatted mail.

Other conventions include posting your comments below
any parts of the mail you are replying to with a blank
line in between, trimming quoted emails so they only
includes the relevent sections you are commenting on,
removing any unnecessary mail footers and signatures
and also ensuring your own sig is preceeded by 2
dashes, a space and a carriage return (I think, just
press enter after the space ;) This is automatically
cut off by some mail clients so I won't demonstrate
now, you can see it at the end of my mail.

Take some time to observe the posting habits of other
members and follow suit. You are not expected to know
this straight away and I think a gentle, "Please don't
post in HTML format" would have done, which is why I
am posting this.

People, I think we're in danger of moving over to 'The
Bad Place' over this unless we calm down and stop
pouncing on people. As I said above, a gentle but firm
'Don't do that, do this' should be applied rather than
a savaging. I was sick of the arguing on this topic in
January or whenever it first flared up, but I agree
with the points made.

I use Yahoo so it makes no odds to me how people post,
but for the benefit of others I follow the conventions
used by the Internet community, it is only good
manners to do so. If you ignore the requests then you
are going to get shouted at. 

Please let this be at the end of the matter, I am
tired of it now. Here is a link to James' very good
explanation on this list about the whys and hows on
this topic.


Please, no more. Lets exercise some rationalisation on
this topic, lets ask politely before we roar at




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