[Wolves] Re: List

fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 6 09:40:59 BST 2004

Operation Netiquette
7th April 2004, 7:30pm
Standard Balti House, Cleveland Street,


1. Matt R
2. Eminem, er I mean TriG
3. Dan (may be leaving earlyish though to go to some
music venue or summink)
4. Aq, sack, and back whack
5. Joe-no
6. The Drinkyman... erm on that subject can I get my
lighter back Joe-no? I will also have to leave early
I think as I'm on a night on the razzle ;)
7. Andrew L (work permitting)
8. James

Not Coming:

1. sparkes
2. Brush
3. Josh
4. fizz (play - going well :) )

Coming late:

1. Andy Hill (Work Permitting)
2. SimonB (Gotta come this time, birthday today and
wont b able to get v drunk untl then)

You wana know who I really am?
Yeah so do I, yeah so do I.

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