[Wolves] Black Country LUG?

Simon Burke its_simon_burke at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 7 09:36:02 BST 2004

On 6/4/04 1:53 pm, "David Goodwin" <david at openminds.co.uk> wrote:

> There's probably a 80% chance that an install fest could be done where I
> work (i.e. Kat's boss would let everyone use the building). The only
> problem is that it's not very close to Wolverhampton (as in Minworth,
> not far from Sutton Coldfield.)
> thanks
> DAvid.
There's probably a 98% chance that it can be held here at the science park.
My building has 24hr access and the management/directors wouldn¹t mind us
using the building nor the 100Mbit net connection. 

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