[Wolves] Smoothwall or router oh and cionnection sharing?

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 17:46:09 BST 2004

> Ron Wellsted wrote:
> > This is difficult to do on consumer oriented connections from 2
> > ISPs.  You would need to operate routing protocols such as OSPF or BGRP
> > in co-operation with your ISPs (unlikely).  If you need mor bandwith
> > at <http://www.aaisp.net.uk>, they offer multi-link ADSL.
> LOL I think any DSL customers of ours that ask for OSPF or BGP would
> receive a response that ended in  '**** OFF we have bigger fish to fry'
> Regards
> Jon

Are there any Blueyonder employees on the list? An hour after I wrote that
I've been getting free staff broadband , the connection goes off and hasn't
come back on as of yet, and tech support don't know of any problems in my
Of course it might be a co-incidence, but if not and someone has grassed me
up could they at least have the decency
to admit it so I can stop fucking about watching the blinky lights on the
modem and set up another connection.

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