[Wolves] New vs 2nd hand laptops

Lee Parkes leep at bogus.net
Sun Apr 11 21:34:09 BST 2004

Hi folks,
I'm thinking about getting a laptop for work. The one I have from my employers
is on its last legs (and wooden ones at that :). I thought that if I had my own
laptop then if I left the company I don't have to give it back etc.
The issue I have is whether to buy one new or second hand? I've looked around
www.laptopshop.co.uk and they seem pretty good on both fronts. There are some
considerations though..

* Mustn't be too big, it has to be carried all over the place so I don't want
  to get a hernia doing so

* MUST have a 9-pin serial interface as I do a lot of network kit configuration

* Battery must have a reasonable lifetime (2.5hrs+)

Oh, and I don't want to spend too much on it either :) Somewhere around the 500
quid mark, maybe 600 at a stretch.

Any ideas folks?

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