[Wolves] Greetings

Joshua Orihunu joshuaorihunu at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 14 14:27:58 BST 2004

Hello Matthew.
I apologise for not replying but we have had no power for 3 and 1 half days.
I have lived in Nigeria all my Life and found God 5 years ago.  English is my 1 st language and i speak a bit of both of ibo and hausa.  Linux is used as main system to handle customers requests and orders for prayers.  We run red hat linux v7.2 and a local network to connect.  Computers we use have windows 95 and  linux.  We have not much money so we use what we can.
My friend is Andy Hill, who tells me he conntacted you all a few weeks ago and asked me to do the same.  He is a good person and has helped us a lot.  I am hoping to be in Great Britain next month for training, and would like to visit you all.
God Bless you all.
Joshua Orihunu.

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