[Wolves] Peter Cannon is real ;-)

sparkes sparkes at phreaker.net
Thu Apr 15 12:53:43 BST 2004

I have just met Peter Cannon and can confirm that not only is he real
but he is actully a nice bloke.  Everything you have heard about him is
true, in as much as he is a Cockney salesman type living and working in
the area with his wife and kids and slowly but surely getting hooked by

Of course I wasn't bribed into saying this by the copy of SCO that
should hopefully revive the old DEC machine and the fact I left with an
very nice alphaserver to debianize (Cheers Peter) as well is in no way a
bribe either. I came to this conclusion of my own free will.

I took advantage of this meet to iniciate him into the 'inner circle' so
whenever anybody meets him they are now required to roll up the trews
and do the funny handshake as per normal. ;-)

so no more petty squabbles (unless you are wrong again of course ;-)


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