[Wolves] New Member: Greetings

Gary Hughes se.osiris at btinternet.com
Mon Apr 19 23:44:10 BST 2004

david at openminds.co.uk wrote:

>...Kat and I will often leave around about 22:30, but we're sad
>people and have to get up at 6am, so any later isn't very practical (as
>we fall asleep there).
>We normally eat at around about 8:30-9, and funky pie is served at
>around about 9:30 (?). After that everything degenerates into chaos, and
>the techy talk starts.
Funky pie? Heard that mentioned quite a bit now - is this one of those 
things where you only tell me what's in it once I've eaten some? ;)
Looking forward to maybe catching it then. The time I finish depends on 
where I'm working, but typically it will rarely be before 21:00. Maybe 
I'll just have to book every other Wednesday off work in that case... :)

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