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Gary Hughes se.osiris at btinternet.com
Mon Apr 19 23:44:51 BST 2004

Katherine Goodwin wrote:

>you can have some of my particular favourites:
>"blessed are the cheesemakers"
>"Brian: 	You're all different
> Crowd: 	Yes, we are all different
> Radom bloke:	I'm not!"
>"Come back you yellow bastard, I'll bite your legs off"
My fave will always be:
Arthur:   Old woman!
Dennis:   Man!
Arthur:   Man. I'm sorry. Old man, what knight lives in that castle over 
Dennis:   I'm thirty seven.
Arthur:   What?
Dennis:   I'm thirty seven. I'm not old.
Arthur:   Well, I couldn't just call you 'Man', could I?
Dennis:   You could have called me 'Dennis'!
Arthur:   I didn't know you were called 'Dennis'!
Dennis:   You never bothered to find out, did you?

In fact, that whole scene is fantastic, but I won't type it all...

Thank you! :)

Gary Hughes

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